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Welcome to Element8Radio


The internet radio website, for djs worldwide, Playing quality underground, club & electronic dance music 24/7.


Playing the best in:

Drum&Bass [Liquid, jump up, upfront, jungle] Techno, House [hard,classic], Breaks [NuSkool,oldskool] Garage [2step, uk] Trance, Oldskool [rave,warehouse]


If your'e a dj & would be interested in hosting a weekly, fortnightly or monthly show here with us then please get in touch, using the contact us form below.


WEBSITE NEWS: To get the best from our site we recommend viewing us on a desktop monitor or in landscape mode on a tablet. We are currently looking into the issues with loading on a mobile device. Sorry for the inconvenience!!




We hope you enjoy the music. Please use the form below to give us some feedback, tell us of any faults or to ask any questions or share any ideas or suggestions, you can always send us a message on Facebook or a DM in twitter


If you run a website or independant record label

& would like to advertise with us, please contact us using the form below or get in touch via

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Here you will find details for the days shows we currently have broadcasting here on Element8Radio as well as our full schedule, including available slots.

click or tap on the images for show details.



If you're a dj and would like to host your own 2hour weekly, fortnightly or monthly show, please get in touch using the 'contact us' form below,

Please check the schedule for the free slots we have available & let us know what day & time you would prefer.


 Times shown are UK (GMT)                                                                        KEY * TBC - to be confirmed   TBA - to be announced

Please note, guest mixes taken from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, hearthis or any other music/mix hosting website, Radio website will not be broadcast, Guest mixes must be a part of your show, we will also not play mix compilations that have been purchased from Itunes, Beatport, JunoDownload or any other music outlet





opening again soon...


We will be making a number of slots available to play your most recent podcast show. If you have your own podcast and would like us to consider broadcasting your latest uploads on a weekly basis please get in touch via our Facebook, Twitter, Email or via our Forum



please note, slots will be limited,..


** Show times & days will be arranged



*Guest Mixes must be a part of your show (mixes from Mixcloud , Hearthis, Other Radio Websites or other sources will NOT be broadcast)*

All podcasts must be in 128kbps 44.100hz stereo Mp3.

Provide 1x2hr show per week (1 file)

Must be reliable

*Mixes must be submitted a min 2 days before your scheduled show, mixes submitted after will not be broadcast*






If you've missed any of our shows you can catch up by downloading or listening to them over on our Hearthis & Mixcloud pages.


New shows will be added soon after the live show has finished.




Deejay Swift 22nd February 2018

Breakbeta - 18th February 2018* (to be uploaded)

D3ckster 9th February 2018

Deejay Swift 8th February 2018

Jeanz - House External Show 3rd February 2018

D3ckster - 2nd February 2018

Deejay Swift 1st February 2018

Breakbeta 28th January 2018

Dj Kayg 28th January 2018

Marcelo Tavares 28th January 2018

Dj Endless 26th January 2018

D3ckster 26trh January 2018

Deejay Swift 25th January 2018

Dj KayG - 21st January 2018 (2 parts)

Marcelo Tavares - 21st January 2018

Jeanz - The External House Show 20th January 2018





Shows are also uploaded & played on our auto dj playlist when no live shows are being broadcast.



We're always on the look out for more djs to join the team we already have, we currently have free slots available, so if you would like to host your very own show, then please feel free to get in touch, by either the Contact Us page, Our Shoutbox, Chatoom, Forum, Facebook or Twitter. We  offer podcast streaming for those who have poor internet connections or have no way of broadcasting live.


ANY genre is welcome, Drum&Bass [Liquid, jump up, upfront, jungle] Techno, House [hard,classic], Breaks [NuSkool,oldskool] Garage [2step, uk] Trance, Oldskool [rave,warehouse]





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If you have any enquiries or would like to apply to host your very own show, or would like to advertise here,

then please contact us using the form below or use our Facebook or Twitter pages or Forum & send us a message


If you're applying to host a show, check the schedule for the slots we have available  and let us know what day & time you would prefer &

we'll try our hardest to accomodate you.


email us @element8Radio

add your website here, get in touch

any donation will be gratefully received


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